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Students of Astana “Bilim Innovation” Lyceum will attend futsal tournament in England

On November 2-3, in the school-lyceum “NURORDA” in Astana the national futsal tournament among the students of educational institutions was held under the “BILIM-INNOVATION” and “BILIM ORDA” International Public Funds with the support of the Football Federation of Kazakhstan.

National futsal tournament is held for the sixth time this year. The contest was attended by about 250 students from 27 teams, consisting of IEFs “BILIM-INNOVATION” and BILIM-INNOVATION memorandum, consisting of 7-8 grade students.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Deputy Director of the Football Department of the Football Federation of Kazakhstan Serik SARSENBEKOV, the President of the IEF “Bilim-Innovation” Darkhan OTE and the President of the IEF “Bilim Orda” Darhanbek KOZHABEKOV and wished the students good luck.

On the first day, games were intriguing and attractive, with lots of supportive fans. As a result, teams from Astana, Aktau, Atyrau, Kostanai, Almaty and NURORDA lyceums reached a quarter-finals winning their rivals in group stage.

In the finals, Atyrau team took the third place winning their opponents from Almaty and the final game was played between Astana and Aktau lyceums in which Astana won with a score of 6:1 and now players have an opportunity to go on a trip to England and show their skills there.

Ойын барысында тынымсыз шабуыл жасап, сұрмергендігімен көзге түскен Коломийцев Танат – «Үздік шабуылшы» атанды.

Kolomiytsev Tanat was awarded with “The best striker” title.

Bauyrzhanuly Aibek was awarded the title of “The best defender” and the title of “The best coach” was given to Usipbekov Shokan, the coach of the victorious team.

Mukhammedjan Imangali, who was a brilliant performer in the team, was recognized as “The Best Player”.

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